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Core international's
strategy is based on
'Growth of People, Growth of Business'

2G refers to a virtuous circle in which a person's growth drives the company's growth, and the company's growth again provides opportunities for individuals to grow.

Core International believes that the company’s long-term growth is possible only through humans.


core international's believes that the company's long-term growth is possible only through humans. Therefore, core international respects all members as individuals and places fostering human resources at the top of all management activities.

genuine interest and nurture

core international has a real interest in individuals and supports one-by-one growth. It provides opportunities to grow with work and performance, gives you individual self-esteem, motivations for self-realization, and drives.


Core international's unity mean true teamwork based on 'warm' and 'right.' The true "unity" of Core international is the realization of "warm meritocracy" in which all members of the organization are confident, free to act and communicate with each other in a fair way, and make members feel a sense of belonging and stability.

If someone asks, "What kind of company is Core international?"

I will say that Core international is a warm group of powerful people and a company whose way and passion are better than anyone else.

Core international's Credo

Core international Credo has been leading the past decade by inheriting and developing the management philosophy and business style of Core international.

Core international Credo has nine core values. Key values are based on all decisions and actions taken by Core international. This enables core international to achieve its ultimate goal.

Core international Credo consists of Core international's Aspiration and core values.

Core international's Aspiration

The ultimate goal of Core international is to be proud of the Core international in the world.

Proud Core international means that all stakeholders, including executives and employees, feel proud and proud of it through Core international. To be a proud Core international member of the employees, to be proud of the customers through the use of quality products and services provided by core international, and to be a proud Core international shareholder that creates just and high profits for the shareholders.

Core Values

Core international practices the nine core values of core international credo every day.

Key values include how you run your business, how you treat each other, and how you work with your partners. The nine key values of core international are:

sustained growth

Core international seeks sustained growth through talent in the long run. talent, passionately transform and drive growth through innovation and change. And the growth of these businesses is what drives human growth again.

Superior product and technical skills

Core international constantly strives to understand exactly what customers want through continuous innovation and to gain a differentiated and fundamental competitive advantage in products and technology.

Advanced, Scientific Systems and Processes

Core international finds the foundation for people and businesses to grow together by streamlining the way they build and work advanced, scientific systems and processes.