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제목 Safe Guard SG-0505 Protective Clothing 등록일 2020.10.21 11:40
글쓴이 Core international 조회 158

Triple Structure of the Non-woven Fabric Safe Guard


- The material of the safety guard protection dustproof suit is a combination of film, compressed cotton, and non-woven fabric to provide both moisture and waterproof functions.


An innovative dustproof suit that provides excellent protection against dust and virus contaminants.



Safe guard Protective dustproof suit Advantage


Excellent protection


- A triple-structured non-woven material with special filters is used to protect the wearer from liquid chemicals.


Excellent fit


- It is light in weight and soft in touch, and ventilation of the material allows for long periods of wear without build up of sweat.



Product Use


- The protective coverall suits protects wearer from contamination via chemical, virus, or blood.


- Work environments/circumstances must be considered for determining suit usage.


The suit must be worn over clothing.



How to use


- Suits are checked for verification through the the safety certification mark and certification number.


- The protective dustproof suit must be worn over existing clothes, it should not make contact with bare skin.



How to wear


- Pull the front zipper all the way down. Pull suit up your legs first, then insert your arms one at a time.



Limitations and Warnings (Pre-use and Precautions)


- WARNING: Improper use may cause serious injury.


- Do not use near firearms or in places where sparks are fired. If the protection dustproof suit has melted,


it can cause severe burns. Wearer must be diligent in determining the appropriate environment for suit use.


- Be careful not to pull the zipper too hard as this may cause damage to the suit.


- Before using protective clothing, be sure to read the product manual and recognize and sell the proper use of protective clothing.

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