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제목 Hand Sanitizing Tissue 등록일 2020.09.23 10:32
글쓴이 Core international 조회 155

Contact What's App No. : +8210-5607-6437

We can provide 2 types of Hand sanitizing tissues. 15 sheets and 80 sheets.

Applying Benzalconium Chloride minimizes skin irritation and cleanses with no ethanol.

Aloe vera and Centella ingredients to help moisturize and soothe the skin.

Paraben, Phenoxyethanol preservative free of additives.

Conduct an additive test of 13 types of harmful ingredients including preservatives.

99.9% sterilization effect of harmful bacteria is confirmed by testing our hands and sterilization ability exposed to numerous bacteria.

Proof of sterilization ability of more than six strains in the largest number of strains in Korea.

Hand sanitizer tissue that can be used with confidence by the whole family without skin irritation.

When you want to keep your hands clean, scrubbing off foreign substances, disinfecting your hands in case of infectious diseases, outdoor activities, crowded public places, using uncomfortable public transportation, before and after meals, etc.

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